Mod Pod

White acrylic ‘push through’ letters illuminate from strips of LED’s. Letters are glued to an outline of cnc laser-cut stainless steel. This stainless unit is tabbed into slots in the aluminum background. The 1/4″ plate aluminum back is also laser-cut.…

Northern Star

Letters are airbrushed and background blended with a big automotive spray gun. Lots of custom paint with an automotive clear on top. 2, 1/2″ MDO plywood panels butt together at the middle. Star is laser-cut aluminum, airbrushed and cleared as…

Independent Auto Werks

Vector based design is taken into Photoshop and colorized. Lots of eye candy: gradients, color flips, embossing highlights and shadows. Their prior longtime logo of the Volkswagen Bug is subtly repeated in the background.

Pacifica Coffee Glass Display Topper

The logo I created years and years ago, has been deeply sandblasted into 1/4″ thick glass and edge lit with color changing LED’s. The background texture was first lightly sandblasted, then glue-chipped; an age old technique.

Thormahlen Harps Badge

This project first came to me as a logo design (in Corvallis), with the intention of also being a brass badge. And, it’s structural, as it’s opposite the tensioned string side of the harp. A sheet of logos were tiled…

Pacifica Coffee Display

A cut-out vinyl paint mask was applied before spraying this gradient of blues in 1-Shot enamel with an automotive detail gun.

Peak Sports Bike Shop

Swooshes are cnc router-cut from 2″ thick HDU, painted with 1-Shot enamel. Logo is my design work and cnc router-cut from black ACM. Background of copper has been disc sanded w/a mini grinder methodically in 2″ lines and cleared. Welded…

Powell Construction Glass

Background of the glass has been sandblasted, then taken one step further and glue-chipped; an age old technique. ‘Powell’ outlines and ‘Construction’ are a water sized, burnished gild in 23K gold. All graphics are screen printed, even the gradient blend…

Powell Construction Van

My design work from way back. Graphics are cut-out vinyl. Faux granite panels were originally painted; now printed.

Ringo, Stuber, Ensor, Hadlock & Smith

This group added a new attorney and wondered if their existing aluminum letters could be still used somehow. They were very tired looking, filthy, heavily oxidized and pitted. I sanded the top surface and wire brushed the sides on a…