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More Attorneys

Various attorneys under one roof. Lettering only is vinyl and can therefore be changeable. The rest is 1-Shot enamels on MDO ply. Top and bottom ornament panels, along with name plaques are attached on top of the backing panel. I…

Softstar Shoes

Sign is 8′ x 8′ x 10″ thick with lots of fun dimension. Carved HDU is gilded in aluminum leaf. The perforated black background has holes that color-shift between orange and blue as you move by.

Independent Auto Werks

Vector based design is taken into Photoshop and colorized. Lots of eye candy: gradients, color flips, embossing highlights and shadows. Their prior longtime logo of the Volkswagen Bug is subtly repeated in the background.

Solstice Cafe

Inkjet print on vinyl with a UV inhibitive laminate. Adhered to cnc router-cut ACM. I love this design. The background is a pattern of thistle leaves in alternating columns of the same shifted gradients. Creating an overall gradient of a…