Category Gold Leaf

Coleman Jewelers

Designed a new crest and matched the existing logotype of the multi-generational family business. Outline and shadow artwork was screen printed vertically on the glass with black enamel ink. Letters were gilded in 23K gold leaf with a water size…

The Shoe Hutch

All hand brushed with lettering enamels on the back side of the window. Features a burnished gild inline of 23K gold leaf. Pinstripe border has ornate ends that were screen-printed.

Thormahlen glass

Created as a glass sample project for a glue-chipping workshop with our local Oregon contingent of eclectic sign crafters at a Portland Letterhead gathering. 1/4″ glass has been sandblasted, then glue-chipped. Primary lettering is a 2-tone 23K gild, with the…