Brad Johnson is a designer and builder of signs and logos. He runs an old school sign shop and strongly embraces new modern technologies. It’s a home business, comfortably located between the OSU campus and downtown. His interest in graphic design began while studying landscape architecture at OSU in the late 70’s. A lifetime student of design and architecture; his focus is on logo design, sign design, storefront design and creative thinking. His skills in arts-n-crafts merged with his passion for letterforms found in rock-n-roll album art and antique ephemera. The declaration to be a sign artist “cranked his pilot light a full turn”. There was definitely a defining moment of knowing his new calling. Now, more than a quarter century later, that same pilot light is still “fully ablaze”. He is fairly well connected with other sign talents up and down the west coast. His work has won awards locally and nationally.

Developed skills include: hand lettering and brush work, calligraphy, pinstriping, airbrushing, gilding, silvering and embellishing glass, screen printing and photo emulsions, sand blasting, wood working, computer aided design with vectors and Photoshop, and font management. He is comfortable working in wood, metals and glass. He frequently exports files and specifies parts to be cut from a cnc router, water-jet, laser, or laser engraver. He has wholesale accounts set up for digital printing of both: large format signage materials, and smaller office paper products. Brad is a licensed contractor, his CCB license is 118664.