Ringo, Stuber, Ensor, Hadlock & Smith

This group added a new attorney and wondered if their existing aluminum letters could be still used somehow. They were very tired looking, filthy, heavily oxidized and pitted. I sanded the top surface and wire brushed the sides on a wire wheel. Then gave them an automotive clear coat. The address and main heading are 1/2″ thick, one of the names is 3/8″, the rest are 1/4″. All of the letters came from a foundry where aluminum was cast from a mold. The sides are slightly beveled to release from the molds. They were made without the aid of a computer, so you could see the design imperfections of the letters.  I was able to fairly closely match the typeface, but it was still off. Some letters needed stretched, some strokes thickened, and I re-built all the serifs; just enough for the new name. Then back to the same original company to have the new letters water-jet cut from 1/4″ aluminum. I designed the new system of signs. They are enamel paint on MDO plywood. Red pinstripes are pulled by hand.