Softstar Shoes

Logo is cut out of 3/16″ steel w/a cnc laser. Then chemically ‘blackened’ w/a ragged on liquid treatment.

Spaeth Lumber

All hand painted on 5 sheets of MDO plywood. Old school! Also old school is the new usage of their retro old logo they’ve brought back to life. And, gee whiz, speaking of old; that’s randomly Barry Glassman in there;…

Solstice Cafe

Inkjet print on vinyl with a UV inhibitive laminate. Adhered to cnc router-cut ACM. I love this design. The background is a pattern of thistle leaves in alternating columns of the same shifted gradients. Creating an overall gradient of a…

Sterling 925

Polished 1/8″ stainless steel letters are cnc laser-cut and mounted to a panel of black matte finish ACM.

The Inkwell Home Store

Letters are cnc laser-cut from 1/2″ (top line) and 1/4″ (bottom line) black acrylic. The laser creates a very polished ‘wet ice cube’ look on the edges. The curved panel is flexed stainless steel. It’s attached to a welded 1″…

Thistle Dew Floral and Event Design

Classic old school painted MDO plywood. Gradients in both backgrounds and the letters are sprayed with an automotive detail gun. Thistle is hand brushed. Dew drop is air-brushed. Borders are pinstriped.

Cresent Valley High School Gymnasium

Layout is projected and traced onto the wall. From a scaled photo I could design around the obstacles of the exit signs and maybe a fire alarm. All hand brushed with 1-Shot lettering enamels in 2 shades of yellow and…

Stayton High School Gymnasium

Designed over a scaled photo. Layout is projected onto the wall and hand painted with a 2″ and 3″ brush. Paint is 1-Shot lettering enamel.

West Albany HS Stadium

The layout for this one was projected from a helicopter 😉 … Actually each letter is as big as my shop garage door and a series of paper pounce patterns were made at the shop. I was able to complete…

West Albany HS Gymnasium

Hand painted with 1-Shot enamels and a 2″ brush. Letter centers are a brush blended gradient using 5 pre-mixed shades of yellow. They are next pinstripe outlined. My wife, Jana (, does amazing work with a brush and painted the…