Stayton High School Gym

Designed by a small committee during the pandemic using Google Docs. There were many, but several very cool design options. The runner up was just a slice of the eagle with the top and bottom cropped off, running the entire length of that long wall above the bleachers; 100′ plus. This artwork was projected from 5 locations. The eagle from 2 locations, 20′ up and 75′ away; but perpendicular, so a long way apart. The projector was left up on a lift while I climbed down a 16′ step ladder and ran across the gym to another scissor lift. The eagle is 30′ high and just less than 70′ long. Hand brushed using Benjamin Moore’s Aura water-based paint with a 2 1/2″ and a 3″ Corona brand brush 😉 Only the inside white area of the eagle was rolled. No taped lines.