Softstar Shoes Pole Sign

Sign is 3′ wide x 10′ high and 25″ thick at the top. Two dimensional halves are bolted together around an existing pole. It used to support a neon sign for the old roller rink that was originally there. The sign is mostly made of 2″ HDU (high density urethane) that’s been cnc-router cut to shape, and many pieces glued together. 2″ square aluminum tubes are welded together to make a frame or skeleton that the HDU is attached to. The HDU has been radiused, sanded, primed, painted, sized, gilded in aluminum leaf, and clear-coated. The black panels are cnc-router cut ACM (aluminum composite material). The holes are 1.5″ and 1.5″ apart. They are spaced off a background of 1.5″ stripes by a depth of 1.5″. As you travel by the holes change color every 45 degrees. The striped colors are 2 of their 3 branding colors. The pole has all new wiring and lighting.