OSU Strand Ag Hall 4th Floor Signs

5 of these are made for the top floor of Strand Ag Hall where the Deans office is. This one is 20″ high x 5′ wide and is the biggest. The 1/2″ glass has water-jet cut holes and polished edges. The lettering is on the backside in reverse, created by 3 separate screen printed images. The 1st is black enamel for the outlines and shadows. The 2nd for the clear enamel letter centers, then scuffed horizontally with 0000 steel wool for a matte effect. Letters are then gilded in 12K gold and backed up with the 3rd screen print. Both layers of the wood backing panels are gorgeous 1/2″ CVG Douglas Fir ply. The top plywood layer is finished with a clear ambering spar varnish. Then been screen printed with 3 progressively deepening layers of transparent sepia colored asphaltum varnish mixed with clear enamel to create the building image. The 5 signs have 5 different views of the building, taken from my camera and posterized in Photoshop. The far back layer is double stacked for 1″ thick and blackened with a transparent black aniline dye, then cleared with the same spar varnish. You can see the wood grain through the black. Stand-offs holding the glass are black anodized aluminum.